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Aggressive trespasser handed substantial fine – Cheshire

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Court Result

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A man has been sentenced after smashing the windows of a fish and chip shop, trespassing on the railway and assaulting a police officer at Padgate railway station.

Neil Dumican, 22, and of Fairbrother Crescent, Warrington, pleaded guilty to one count of trespassing on the railway line, one count of criminal damage and one count of assaulting an emergency worker at Cheshire Magistrates’ Court on Tuesday 3 November.

On Wednesday 25 November, he returned to Cheshire Magistrates’ Court where a judge found him guilty of the offences and ordered him to pay a total of £1,630 in costs.

He is required to pay £800 in costs for trespassing on the railway as well as £500 in compensation, a victim surcharge of £95, a £50 fine and £85 in court costs for criminal damage. For assaulting an emergency worker, he is required to pay £100 in compensation.

At 8pm on Thursday 17 September, British Transport Police (BTP) were called to Padgate railway station, Warrington, following a report that a man under the influence of alcohol was trespassing on the railway line and had smashed the windows of a fish and chip shop located at the station.

Cheshire Police also attended and a witness to the incident identified Dumican as the perpetrator. As officers arrested Dumican on suspicion of the offences, he became aggressive, kicking a Cheshire Police officer in the shins.

Dumican was escorted to custody in a BTP vehicle where he was further arrested for assaulting an emergency worker before being bedded down for the night to be questioned the following day once he had sobered up.  

BTP Inspector, James Mitchell, said: “Dumican’s actions that evening were reckless and inexcusable, and I am thankful to the courts for handing him a significant fine for trespassing on the line. Fortunately, the Cheshire Police officer Dumican assaulted did not suffer any serious injuries.

“Trespassing causes major disruption to the network and we have seen first-hand the tragic consequences that can occur from doing so.

“We encourage anyone that witnesses trespassing on the railway to contact us by texting 61016 or calling 0800 40 50 40. If it’s an emergency, always call 999."

Andrea Graham, head of crime and security for Network Rail’s North West and Central region, said: “Trespassing on the tracks not only causes huge disruption which delays passengers and causes costly delays, it is also incredibly dangerous.

“We will always work with British Transport Police to make sure justice is served to those who recklessly break the law on the railway. We hope this case sends a strong message that trespassing will never be tolerated.”

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