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Face coverings mandatory in enclosed transport hubs from Friday 24 July

Face coverings must be worn in enclosed public spaces, including transport hubs, from today (Friday 24 July) in England, as the Government takes further steps to help curb the spread of the virus.
On enforcement in transport hubs, transport and hub operators will be expected to remind passengers of the law and if necessary ask people to leave a transport hub if they are not wearing a face covering.
Officers will continue to support rail staff in engaging with passengers, explaining the importance of preventing the spread of the virus and encouraging people to wear face coverings.

However, as a very last resort, officers will enforce the legislation by removing people from the rail network or issuing a fixed penalty notice.
Assistant Chief Constable Sean O’Callaghan said:
“Since face coverings became mandatory on public transport our officers have spoken with thousands of passengers, encouraging them to wear face coverings whilst travelling.  The overwhelming majority of people have listened and complied – we have seen compliance levels of around 97 per cent.
“We are confident that those using the railway will continue to act responsibly and play their part in protecting each other by complying with the requirement to wear face coverings not only on trains but also in train stations. Our officers will continue to be out across the rail network supporting rail colleagues, engaging with passengers, explaining the importance of maintaining social distancing and encouraging people to wear face coverings. 
“We understand that not everyone may be aware that it is now mandatory to wear face coverings in train stations as well as on trains. Therefore our approach will be to engage with the public, explain the updated government policy and encourage passengers to comply. 
“As a last resort when people have refused to comply with the requirement and they don’t have a valid exemption, officers will enforce.  This could result in removal from the rail network, the issue of a fixed penalty notice or in extreme cases arrest and prosecution.”



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