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British Transport Police to take action on racial inequalities



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Yesterday the NPCC published a statement on racial inequalities.

In support of this, British Transport Police Chief Constable Paul Crowther said: 

“The NPCC statement made yesterday wholly mirrors my own sentiments - that we should tackle racism, discrimination and bias wherever we find it. 

"Here at BTP we are revisiting and redoubling our efforts to look at race in BTP and identify and resolve any unfair or disproportionate practices in all that we do - both internally and externally. 

"To understand how we can do this effectively, we are working closely with our Support Association for Minority Ethnic Staff (S.A.M.E) and BME staff. We have already started consulting on and creating our own action plan on race, as well as fully supporting and contributing to the wider NPCC plans for policing.

"It’s more important than ever we recognise where we need to change, which includes better understanding all the things that make us who we are.”

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