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Face coverings become mandatory on public transport from today - England



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Today (15 June), face coverings become mandatory on public transport in England under new Health Protection Regulations.

Officers will continue to support rail staff in engaging with passengers, explaining the importance of preventing the spread of the virus and encouraging people to wear face coverings.

However, as a very last resort, officers will now be able to issue fixed penalty notice fines for breaching the regulations.

Children under the age of 11 will be exempt, along with anyone who can’t wear a face covering due to physical or mental illness, age or disability.  

Passengers are advised to check the government's full guidance on their website.

Assistant Chief Constable Sean O’Callaghan said: “We are confident that those who need to use the railway will act responsibly and will want to play their part in helping to protect each other and comply with the requirement to wear face coverings.

“We understand that initially not everyone may be aware that it is now mandatory to wear face coverings - therefore our approach will be to engage with the public, explain the new government policy and encourage them to follow the new regulations for travelling on the railway.

“Only as an absolute last resort will we carry out enforcement in the form of fines. We are sure that the public will want to be responsible and do their part to protect others by wearing face coverings.” 

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