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Two sentenced for 'juvenile' Docklands Light Railway stunt - London



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Two thoughtless men risked their lives by “train surfing” on the Dockland Light Railway in London then tried peddling the footage of the act to a national newspaper.

Ricky Brewer, 20, and Owen Kelly, 18, were both sentenced for the offence at North London Magistrates’ Court on Monday 20 January.

The two were caught partly thanks to Kelly trying to sell the GoPro footage to a paper for £600. 

In emails, Kelly bragged to a journalist, calling it a “death defying stunt” and boasting about how they hid from police immediately afterwards.

Investigators examined CCTV and the GoPro footage, gathering substantial evidence to ensure both were convicted at court.

The video taken by Kelly showed both men climbing on top of a train, then running along carriages and jumping between gaps as it passed between West Silvertown and Pontoon Dock stations.

The offence happened at around 4pm on Tuesday 12 February last year.

Brewer, of Belle Vue Road in Hampshire, and Kelly, of Selborne Avenue in London, pleaded guilty to endangering the safety of a person on the railway. 

They were both given 130 hours of unpaid work and each fined more than £120.

PS Alan Bowell, of British Transport Police, said: “It’s abundantly clear Kelly and Brewer were wilfully naïve to the extreme danger they put themselves in. 

“They were thoughtless to the impact it would have on their loved ones if they died or suffered a life-changing injury. A single slip and that could’ve easily been the result. 

“Their actions also drew in police officers who could’ve been better deployed elsewhere – not to an incident where two people wilfully put themselves at risk for a quick profit and a bungled shot at fame.

"It was thoughtless, incredibly dangerous and frankly juvenile. I'd like to credit the officer for the skill and dedication it took to bring these two to trial."

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