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Violent fare dodger sentenced after assaulting TfL member of staff - London

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Court Result

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A violent fare dodger who attacked a member of Transport for London (TfL) Underground staff and left him needing surgery has today been sentenced.

Bajonar Bromfield-Nicol, 23, and of Drayton Road, Tottenham, was found guilty of Grievous Bodily Harm at Blackfriars Crown Court on 6th June, following the shocking incident at Victoria Underground station, London. 

Today the Judge sentenced him to 12 months imprisonment suspended for 12 months, 150 hours of unpaid work and a rehabilitation requirement of 15 days. He was also ordered to pay £750 in compensation to his victim.

On 26th April 2018 at around 8pm, Bromfield-Nicol ‘double shuffled’ through the ticket barriers at Victoria without valid payment by tailgating a paying member of the public as they entered.

When challenged by the TfL member of staff he pushed him straight to the floor, causing serious injuries to the victim’s elbow and arm.

The victim’s injuries have required surgery and over 40 hospital appointments, and he is still yet to be able to return to full duties at work.

In his Victim Impact Statement, he said: “I remain upset and often irritated that basic tasks can be frustrating and challenging, and I am aware that my self-confidence has been affected.”
In his police interview, Bromfield-Nicol tried to claim to was acting in self-defence, but the jury still saw fit to convict him of assault. He was ordered to pay his victim £750 in compensation.

British Transport Police Inspector Mullah Hoque said: “This was a shocking and senseless attack on a member of London Underground staff simply trying to do their job.

“Well over a year later, the victim is still suffering considerably from the physical and emotional impact of Bromfield-Nicol’s violent assault.

“I am pleased the jury saw fit to convict Bromfield-Nicol and I hope it serves as a strong reminder that we absolutely will not tolerate this sort of behaviour on our Underground network, or anywhere else for that matter.”

Siwan Hayward, Director of Compliance, Policing and On-Street Services TfL, said: “Our staff work hard, assisting our customers and keeping London moving. They deserve to go about their day without fear or intimidation, in safety. We do not tolerate any form of physical or verbal assault on our staff or customers and as this sentencing shows, we pursue the strongest sentences for anyone who abuses or assaults our people. I hope this serves as a warning to those who think it is acceptable to take their anger and frustration out on our staff. It isn’t and there will be consequences for those that do.

"Fare evasion costs TfL £100m a year and it has 450 revenue inspectors operating across the whole network day and night, using new technology and intelligence to identify anyone travelling without a ticket.

"Fare evasion is a serious criminal offence that could lead to prosecution, a criminal record, a fine of up to £1,000 and can have profound consequences, which is why TfL and BTP work closely together to identify and prosecute people fare evading."

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