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Statement from British Transport Police on the London Bridge Inquest

Chief Constable Paul Crowther, said: 
“Over the past eight weeks we have heard in great detail the horror that Londoners and emergency services experienced on 3 June 2017. After driving at speed along London Bridge, hitting a number of pedestrians, three terrorists armed with knives then callously attacked innocent members of the public, coldheartedly killing eight people. 
“Many people were injured, including one of our own officers, PC Wayne Marques, who valiantly challenged the three attackers armed with just his baton as they viciously attacked a couple. His colleague and friend, PC Leon McLeod rushed to his aid, as did an off-duty officer, PC Charlie Guenigault from the Metropolitan Police Service, their testimonies are a reminder of their courage when protecting the public. They were also assisted by a member of the public, Ignacio Echeverría who displayed true heroism and tragically lost his life.  
“Throughout the night, and into the next morning more than 160 British Transport Police Officers and Police Community Support Officers supported the Metropolitan Police Service and City of London Police. Our firearms and dog units helped to search for further suspects, response officers treated those who were critically injured, and others helped manage the distressing scene. 
“Every single officer worked with the upmost professionalism and bravery. We will always be proud of them.
“The 3rd June 2017 will be a date etched in our mind – and the eight people who lost their lives will never be forgotten. Our thoughts and sympathies will forever be with those who lost loved ones, or who continue to be affected by this evil attack. 
“Terrorists aim to cause conflict and discord by spreading fear and hatred; London and the nation‘s response to this and other attacks during 2017 proves that we will continue to stand up to terrorism in all its forms. 
“As we reflect on the five attacks of 2017, now more than ever, British Transport Police recognises the vital role our teams play in tackling threats of whatever kind. During that dark night I believe our officers showcased how vital they are in keeping London, and the nation’s railways safe.”

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Paul Crowther

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