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BTP welcomes eight new police dogs to fight crime on the railways


PD Dottie and PC Lloyd

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British Transport Police have welcomed eight new police dogs into the force who will be deployed up and down the country to search for explosives and help fight crime on the railways.


Five have been trained in explosive detection, while the rest of the group are general purpose police dogs. This means they can find everything from people to property and detain suspects following commands from their handlers.


Yesterday, on 24 January, our clever furry friends celebrated with a passing out parade at the Dog Training School in Keston, Kent, where they demonstrated their skills to friends and family and received certificates from the Chief Constable Paul Crowther.


Following a strict recruitment process and a rigorous two week suitability course, the dogs and their handlers undertake a 12 week training course which is split between the site at Keston and on the rail network.


In this time they become experts on detecting particular scents, but the work doesn’t stop there – dogs and their handlers are only licensed for a year at a time and are required to attend refresher courses every year to ensure they are still top of their game.


The group will now be deployed to all manner of incidents across the country from violent assaults to missing people and burglaries. A large part of their duties, particularly for our explosive detection dogs, will also include proactive patrols across the network to deter and detect criminal intent, including terrorism.


You may spot our latest recruits out on a Project Servator patrol in a station near you, working alongside a number of other police resources such as armed officers on highly-visible, intelligence-led deployments which make the network a difficult place for criminals and terrorists to operate.

Keep an eye out for PD Jessie, PD Ted, PD Bailey, PD Dottie, PD Rocky, PD Frank, PD Roxy, and PD Dixie. 

Inspector Paul Miles said: “This has been yet another successful training course for BTP Dog Section and I am thrilled to welcome the eight new recruits and their handlers.

"To become a fully licensed dog team is a huge achievement and one of which they should be very proud. 

"Our dogs play a vital role in keeping the rail network safe, and this work will be strengthened even further with the addition of those who passed out today."



PD Jessie, PD Ted, PD Bailey, and PD Dottie

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PD Frank

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PD Frank

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PD Bailey

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PD Dottie

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PD Frank and PC Smith

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