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British Transport Police call on party people to show festive goodwill as Christmas comes to Manchester

Manchester’s Christmas Markets, the official countdown to the festive season, open on Friday, November 9, and British Transport Police are urging shoppers and revellers to follow their tips for a fret free Christmas.

As thousands flock to the city centre to celebrate the festive season top tips include:
•             Keep an eye on your belongings and any Christmas shopping while travelling on busy trains 
•             Services will be extra busy so leave plenty of time to travel and be patient
•             If you’re heading onto the city for a night out – stick with your friends, look out for each other and don’t overdo it – if you’re considered too drunk you may be refused travel
•             Be respectful to other passengers and station staff – they’re doing their best to get you home safely

Chief Inspector Dave Rams said: “Manchester’s Christmas Markets have just been voted the best in Britain so we’re really pleased to be welcoming visitors to the city for the festive season. We’ll have extra officers out and about across city centre stations to ensure you enjoy the festivities safely.
“It’s important that you stay alert and keep an eye on your belongings as crowded trains and stations can provide thieves with the perfect opportunity to grab a freebie. Don’t let them ruin your Christmas. 
“As the party season gets underway, we ask that while you enjoy the festive fun with a tipple or two, please don’t overdo it and risk having to fork out for a cab home because you’ve been refused travel on the train.
“Also keep your wits about you if you’re planning to get the train home after a drinking session as the rail network can be a dangerous place. We’re not Scrooges,  we just want to make sure everyone enjoys Christmas safely.
“Most importantly since it’s the season of goodwill, please respect rail staff who are doing their very best to get you home safely. Be patient and be nice. We understand it’s easy to get stressed with the added pressures of Christmas, crowded trains and packed stations but please keep an even temper.”
Liam Sumpter, Regional Director at Northern, said: “Sadly, when someone has had too much to drink, we sometimes see this turn into aggression and violence towards other customers and our staff. This has no place on the railway and can spoil Christmas for everyone involved.
“We are working closely with BTP to make our trains and stations as safe as possible this Christmas and will not tolerate any behaviour that puts customers or staff at risk.

Kathryn O’Brien, Customer Experience Director for TransPennine Express commented: “The Christmas Markets are very popular with our customers and as such, our trains are expected to be very busy, especially on the weekends. 
 “We hope that those heading to the markets have a brilliant time, but would urge people to plan ahead, allow extra time and check before they travel.”


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