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Jail for man who threw bottle at passenger - Cumbria


Roland Tallentire

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A man has been jailed for assaulting a passenger on a Workington train, following a British Transport Police Investigation.
Roland Tallentire, aged 35, of Ryehill Road, Flimby pleaded guilty to a section 4 public order offence at West Cumbria Magistrate’s on 4 October and was jailed for 12 weeks. He was also ordered to pay £85 costs.

The court heard how on Tuesday, 23 January this year, Tallentire and a woman he was travelling with were approached by the train guard as part of a routine ticket check. Both admitted they had no tickets and claimed they had no money to buy one.
The couple, who were arguing loudly with each other and drawing the attention of other passengers began swearing at a man in the same carriage.
Tallentire then threatened to bite off the man’s nose and smash his face in.
He then threw a bottle of alcohol he was drinking from at the passenger. It missed and hit another person, soaking them with the contents.
The train guard witnessed this and called ahead for police to meet the train at Workington station.
Tallentire continued to intimidate and threaten the passenger until he left the train at Workington where Cumbria Police met him and arrested him for a separate offence.

Investigating officer PC Stuart Bingham said: “No one should be made to feel intimidated or threatened on the rail network. Tallentire picked on an innocent member of the public who was minding his own business and set about threatening him with violence and throwing a bottle of alcohol at him.
“Thankfully incidents like this are rare, but anyone who is concerned for their safety while travelling on the railway can text us discreetly on 61016.
“Tallentire’s sentence demonstrates that behaviour like this is taken seriously by the courts. Now Tallentire has 12 weeks in jail to contemplate his behaviour.”

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