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Happy Father's Day

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Happy Father's Day

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“I always wanted to follow in my dad’s footsteps and am now so proud Marsha is following in mine!”


Sheffield Sergeant Andy Selby has been an officer with BTP for over 30 years. After being inspired by his dad Ron, a police officer for 40 years, Andy joined in 1987 and after he retired from the force  as an Inspector in 2014, Andy, 51 decided he couldn’t keep away and re-joined as a Sergeant  on 18 September 2017…on the same day as his daughter Marsha!


Marsha, 26 trained for five months in London before joining BTP in Manchester in February.

“It was pretty surreal to re-join the force on the exact same day as Marsha!” said Andy, “ I am so proud of her. She’s always said she wanted to be a cop from when she was younger, but I never thought she would actually sign up”.


“She constantly texts me to give me a running commentary on what job she is on and how it’s going! I do worry about her, like any parent would, and always listen out for her on the police radio when I’m on duty. Being in the job I know how challenging it can be emotionally and physically and as her dad I was worried about how she would deal with that initially. But she’s a tough cookie, she’s doing great and she's always got me on hand to give her any help she needs.”


Marsha said her dad and granddad inspired her to join the police, “I think policing must be part of our DNA, firstly my granddad, then my dad and now me. When I was younger I would regularly go and visit my dad at work to take him his lunch or tea and I would love it. Even when I was a student in Leeds, one night I thought Dad was on a nightshift so I bought him a McDonalds in the early hours and rang him with the good news, only for him to answer that he was tucked up in bed!”


After leaving college Marsha studied Criminology at Leeds then worked in recruitment before following in the family tradition, “It’s a job like no other, no two days are the same which is what I love about it. My previous 9-5 job was so mundane in comparison, now I can be dealing with a missing child one hour to rowdy football fans the next.


“With me being new in service and based in Manchester, and my Dad working across the other side of the Pennines in Yorkshire, our work paths haven’t  crossed just yet, but we are both looking forward to the day when we can work a shift or operation together.. I just need to remember to call him Sergeant Selby instead of Dad!”

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