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Two Sunderland supporters fined for spraying family with beer on train

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Court Result

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Two Sunderland Football club fans who behaved in an appalling manner on a train, swearing and being abusive before spaying a family in beer, have appeared in court.
James Finley and Daniel Wilson were returning from  the Sunderland v Hibernian fixture in Edinburgh on 9 July last year when they boarded the 6pm Edinburgh to London Kings Cross train with a case of beer.
They sat behind a man, who was at a table with his wife, son and 13 year-old daughter.
As soon as the train left the station both men, who were drunk, began swearing loudly and using offensive language. Initially the family and other passengers in the carriage tried to ignore their behaviour, feeling like they had to put up with it
As the train continued its journey, the men’s behaviour and language escalated, and the man who was sat with his family had enough and challenged them asking them to stop.
At that point Finley sprayed beer out of his mouth all over the man and his family. The liquid landed in the hair and faces of his wife and daughter.
The men were pointed out to two officers who were travelling on the train and both men’s details were taken and they were reported to be summonsed to court.
Both men appeared at Northumberland Magistrates Court on 8 March. Finley, 21 of Baden Crescent in Sunderland was handed a £200 fine while Wilson, 19 of Middleton Close in Durham, was fined £175. Both were also ordered to pay £85 costs and a £30 victim surcharge each. 

PC John Stubbs said; “The behaviour of Finley and Wilson was completely unacceptable. It must have been extremely unpleasant for the man and his young family, not to mention the other fans and passengers on board too.
 “Trains are not extensions of football terraces. Families, young children and older people often travel on match days too. This type of behaviour is not something that anyone should have to accept. We take all reports of anti-social behaviour on trains seriously.  If you witness or experience such behaviour, please contact us on 0800 40 50 40 or text 61016 discreetly”.

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