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Warning following rise in young people congregating at Dronfield station



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We’re concerned for the safety of young people. Over the past few months we’ve seen an increase in the number of young people congregating at the station.
Officers have been called on a number of occasions to reports of large groups congregating on the platform; some are drinking alcohol, some committing anti-social behaviour, setting off fireworks and smashing windows.

We have been working closely with Northern, Network Rail and The Friends of Dronfield station for some time now to address the problem. CCTV has been installed at the station and we’ve been undertaking extra patrols with Northern Safer Patrol officers. We’ve also spoken to a number of young people and visited or sent letters home to their parents. We’ve also been into the local school to reinforce the message about the dangers of the railway and to tell pupils not to go to the station unless they are catching a train.
We’re now urging parents to speak to their children too, to reinforce our message. 

PC Stephen Slocombe said: “It’s vital we have parents on board with this message. We don’t want to have to knock at their door and give them the news that their son or daughter won’t be coming home. 
“When we have spoken to parents, in many instances they have had no idea that their children are hanging around at the station. This is why it’s so important for them to talk to their children to check where they are and what they are doing and discuss the dangers of straying too close to the railways and the consequences of hanging around there”.
Lyndsey Sherwood, Northern Community Safety Manager, and Vicki Beadle, Network Rail Community Safety Manager “People need to realise that the station is not a playground and it is vital that people treat the railway with the respect it deserves.

“In addition to being anti-social and disruptive to other station users, this behaviour is incredibly dangerous and could have devastating consequences. We are asking parents to make sure they know where their children are playing, as well as informing them on how to stay safe near the railway.”

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