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Two drunk Scottish football fans fined for racial abuse on train

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Court Result

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Two Scottish football fans who staggered through a train swilling neat vodka and Jack Daniels whiskey whilst hurling abuse at rival fans have been heavily fined.
Scott Lang and Paul Muir were ordered to pay a total of £1751 at Newcastle Magistrates Court on 8 March.  
Lang, 27 of Kinfauns Drive in Glasgow, and Muir, 30 of Essenside Avenue, Glasgow, caught a train on 11 June last year after watching the Scotland v England match in Glasgow the day before.
After drinking heavily, both men boarded a train to Newcastle, which was very busy with supporters from both teams. They then staggered through the train drinking neat vodka and Jack Daniels from the bottle whilst singing and chanting racially abusive and offensive words directed towards England fans in each carriage.
A train guard who challenged their behaviour was then also subjected to a barrage of abuse and profanities, and was left extremely upset following the encounter.
Another group of fans also challenged them about their behaviour and contacted police. Officers met the service at Newcastle and removed both men from the train to a round of applause from other passengers on board.
They were arrested and were each charged with racially aggravated public order . Lang pleaded guilty; Muir initially pleaded not guilty but was found guilty at court.
Paul Muir was ordered to pay a £660 fine, £650 costs, £100 compensation and a victim surcharge of £66
Scott Lang was ordered to pay a £160 fine, £85 costs and a £30 victim surcharge.

PC Wayne Brown said; “The behaviour of Lang and Muir was completely unacceptable and must have been very unpleasant and offensive for other fans, passengers and staff on the train.
“Trains are not extensions of football terraces. Families, young children and older people often travel on match days too. It’s simply not ok to chant racist slurs because you’re “out with the lads” or be abusive because you had “one too many”, it’s intimidating to other people on the trains and at the stations. 

“This type of behaviour is not something that anyone should have to accept. We take all reports of anti-social behaviour on trains seriously.  If you witness or experience such behaviour, please contact us on 0800 40 50 40 or text 61016 discreetly”.

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