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Jail for man who assaulted member of station staff – Carlisle

A man who assaulted a member of station staff has been jailed for 100 days, following a British Transport Police investigation.

Christopher Gault, aged 31, of Dumbarton Road, Glasgow, pleaded guilty to the assault at Carlisle Magistrates’ Court and was sentenced to 100 days in jail and ordered to pay his victim £400 in compensation, on Thursday, 8 March.

The court heard how on January 6 this year, Gault entered the booking hall at Carlisle station asking for help accessing a digital train ticket on his mobile phone.

His victim, a team leader, and another member of rail staff provided assistance to a heavily intoxicated Gault.
Suddenly and without any provocation, Gault headbutted his victim, leaving him shocked and bleeding, before walking away.
As his 51-year-old victim began to follow him, Gault turned around and punched him in the head before both ended up on the floor as his victim attempted to protect himself from Gault’s blows.

A colleague managed to pull Gault off his victim and restrained him until he was arrested by British Transport Police officers.
The victim was left requiring hospital treatment for injuries to his face.

Sgt Garry Ashbridge said: “This was a completely unprovoked and vicious attack on a member of station staff who was actually helping Gault when, completely out of the blue, he was headbutted.
“Violence like this, whether against rail staff or members of the public will not be tolerated. We hope that the 100 days in jail will give Gault time to reflect on his actions.”

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Christopher Gault

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