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Two BTP officers sanctioned following misconduct hearing - London

A serving British Transport Police officer has been dismissed from the Force, with another receiving a final written warning, following a public misconduct hearing held last week in York (19 August - 23 August). 
PC Christina Best was dismissed from the Force, after the independent panel found she breached the standards of professional behaviour, namely confidentiality, courtesy and respect, duties and responsibilities and orders and instructions. 
During the hearing, the panel heard evidence that PC Best sent sensitive police documents to her personal email address, contrary to strict instructions on the handling of these documents. PC Best was also accused of acting in a discreditable way while on a police operation, and for inviting PC Vine on a police operation which she was not authorised to attend. 
PC Best’s actions amounted to gross misconduct. 
At the same hearing, PC Jane Vine was handed a final written warning after the panel found she breached the standards of professional behaviour, namely orders and instructions. PC Vine was accused of attending a police operation she was not permitted to attend, likewise she also travelled in a first class carriage on her warrant card. Her actions amounted to misconduct. 
Detective Superintendent Gill Murray from British Transport Police Professional Standards Department, said: “It is deeply troubling that both officers acted in such a discreditable way. Behaviour such as this has serious potential to undermine the public’s confidence in policing, and it is right that it is scrutinised and challenged. 
“Likewise, sending sensitive information outside of secure police networks could have very serious ramifications, and it is right that the panel agreed that PC Best’s actions amounted to gross misconduct.”

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