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Ticketless traveller jailed after abusing staff and throwing milkshake around train

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Allchurch custody image

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A ticketless traveller who shouted and swore at a ticket conductor then threw his milkshake around a train carriage has been jailed.

Jack Allchurch threatened to attack the victim when his bank card failed to cover a £7 single from Doncaster to Rotherham Central.

When he was told to leave the train, he started throwing a chocolate milkshake around the carriage, splashing the floor and walls.

The incident happened on Wednesday 10 April.

Allchurch, 24, of Green Close in Doncaster, was subsequently identified and arrested. 

During interview he admitted the offence then said: “I’ve just dropped myself in it”.

He pleaded guilty to threatening behaviour and was sentenced to eight weeks in prison at South Yorkshire Magistrates’ Court on Friday 21 June.

Allchurch’s sentence was influenced by him being in breach of a restraining order and in possession of a Class B drug on arrest.

British Transport Police investigating officer PC Roy Percival said: “His behaviour was unwarranted, threatening, and frankly childish. 

“When questioned by the staff member – who was simply doing her job – he reacted with shouts and swearing and then threw his drink around the carriage when the situation didn’t go his way. 

“Allchurch later said he was under the influence of drugs, however there is never any excuse for such behaviour against rail staff and we will always seek to prosecute.”

Milkshake Allchurch sentencing.jpg

Milkshake Allchurch sentencing

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