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Council worker convicted of dangerous driving after level crossing misuse - Enfield, London

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Court Result

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A council worker who put themselves in danger by recklessly ignoring warning lights at a level crossing, has been handed a suspended prison sentence and a driving ban. 

Deena Tsokallis, aged 40 and of Central Avenue, Enfield, appeared before Snaresbrook Crown Court on 29 April, after changing her plea to guilty. 

On 15 February 2017, Tsokallis drove a bus belonging to the London Borough of Enfield towards a level crossing adjacent to Enfield Lock station. 

The red warning lights began to flash, however the defendant ignored these lights, accelerated and dashed over the crossing. She had to then dangerously manoeuvre her vehicle to avoid a collision with another road user. 

At court she was handed a three year driving ban, a 15 month suspended prison sentence and ordered to undertake 200 hours of unpaid work. 

PC Savio Capodici from British Transport Police, said: “Thanks to the overwhelming evidence incriminating Tsokallis’s downright dangerous behaviour, she was forced to change her plea to guilty in the eleventh hour. This was a particularly protracted case and could have been resolved far sooner had she owned up to her behaviour. 

“I thoroughly welcome this sentence and hope it sends a strong deterrent to those considering skipping over level crossings. We’ll continue to prosecute those that ignore our repeated warnings and ensure that tough sentences are handed to those that put themselves and others in danger of death or serious injury.”  
Allan Spence, Network Rail’s head of public and passenger safety, said: “We work hard to keep the railway safe but sadly there remains a lack of awareness among drivers around how dangerous level crossings can be.
“We have invested over £200m to improve level crossing safety across Britain, but we also need drivers and pedestrians to pay attention to warnings at level crossings. The flashing red lights are a clear instruction to stop. Every time. Nothing is worth risking your life over just to save a few moments of time.”
Watch the moment that Tsokallis dashed over the level crossing:

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