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Relentless police work, professionalism and extraordinary bravery recognised in commendation ceremony

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Police officers, members of rail staff and members of the public were yesterday (19/02) commended by British Transport Police’s Chief Constable following acts of extreme bravery, confronting violence and for saving lives. 

The ceremony, which was held in London, was attended by BTP officers throughout the nation, as well as their families and friends. It was not just officers being commended, members of rail staff and the public were also being recognised for their own remarkable actions.

Some of the awards presented include the officers involved in the police response to the Nottingham station fire, to those who helped in the aftermath of a stabbing at Taunton station and to the Good Samaritan who helped someone in crisis at Camden station in London. 
In addition to the commendation awards, six High Commendations were also presented to those officers and rail staff who rushed towards the terrifying events at Manchester Victoria station on New Year’s Eve. Police Sergeant Lee Valentine, and PCs Marsha Selby, Ashleigh Williams and Tom Wright, ran towards screams on the Metro Link platforms and challenged a man wielding a knife. Their efforts led to the man being successfully detained on the platform floors. The two members of Metro Link staff are also being recognised by the Chief Constable for their extremely valuable contribution in helping stop the suspect. 

Chief Constable Paul Crowther, said: “All of us at British Transport Police are extremely lucky to work alongside such admirable colleagues, each of whom have demonstrated outstanding levels of bravery, professionalism or heroism in the face of an extraordinary challenge. The recipients have each gone above the call of duty and I am delighted to be awarding them with Commendations. 

“I am equally delighted to be applauding the enormous contribution made by our rail staff colleagues and from members of the public. These outstanding individuals have supported officers when faced with extreme danger, or have helped saved the lives of someone in distress. It is humbling to meet with them and present them with a commendation.”  

A number of awards are also being presented on behalf of the Royal Humane Society, an organisation who recognises acts of bravery in saving a life. Recipients of these awards include police officers, members of the public and an off duty fire officer. 

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