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Man jailed for stabbing taxi driver in Stevenage – Hertfordshire


Dobgima Gwangwaa

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A taxi driver was stabbed multiple times when he told a passenger to pay for the fare up front or leave his car, outside Stevenage railway station.
Dobgima Gwangwaa, 20, attacked the victim with a 12inch kitchen knife, cutting him deeply on the hand, thigh and shin.
The offence happened at 4.05pm on Saturday 8 September 2018. He was sentenced to seven years in prison on Wednesday 16 January.
Gwangwaa, of Swale Close in Stevenage, had walked down the taxi rank outside the station, asking each driver to take him to Baldock high street.
Each time he was told to pay for the fare up front, he refused and then left the car.
On the last occasion, he slammed the passenger door then punched at the taxi driver through an open window. 
The driver left the car and tried to calm the situation with the help of colleagues. 
At this point a knife fell from Gwangwaa’s backpack which he picked up and stabbed at the same driver, catching him a number of times.

He was arrested close by. Officers found the knife stashed in a nearby bush.
Gwangwaa was linked to offences of criminal damage, affray, possessing an offensive weapon and theft on Sunday 2 September 2018.
He had threatened a taxi driver with a rock hammer and smashed the tail light of the man’s car at Letchworth Garden City railway station.
He also stole crisps and sweets from a shop in the same area.
Gwangwaa pleaded guilty to all of the offenses at St Albans Crown Court and was jailed for seven years with a further three years on license.
British Transport Police DC Paula Bennett said: “The victim’s stab wounds were severe. He was hospitalised and required surgery. While his injuries will heal the emotional effects of this attack will be long lasting.

“Gwangwaa is violent person. He clearly thought nothing of threatening people with weapons to get what he wanted, and was even prepared to use them when things didn’t go his way. This long sentence certainly reflects the severity of his crimes.

“There is never a reasonable excuse for carrying weapons in public. When you are caught, you will arrested and brought before the courts. It’s never worth it so don’t do it.”


Dobgima Gwangwaa knife

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