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British Transport Police campaign gives sexual offence victims the confidence to speak out



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More people are coming forward to speak out about sexual offences as a result of a British Transport Police (BTP) campaign, which urges victims of crime to report unwanted sexual behaviour on the railway. 

In the four months since the ‘Every Report Builds a Picture’ campaign rolled out nationally at the end of April this year, 1002 sexual offences were recorded on the rail network – a rise of around 29 per cent on the previous four-month period, which saw 777 sexual offences recorded.

Officers believe the increase in recorded crime is likely due to people having the confidence to report what has happened to them after seeing nationwide coverage of the campaign.

Detective Chief Superintendent Paul Furnell, Head of Crime and Public Protection at British Transport Police said: “We expected to see a rise in the number of offences when the campaign was rolled out and we are encouraged that victims are turning to us, safe in the knowledge they will be taken seriously. 

“The more reports we receive the more intelligence we have about where these offences are occurring and how we can best deploy our resources to catch offenders and bring them to justice.

“However, more still needs to be done and we believe many offences go unreported. That’s why we’ll continue to raise awareness around this issue, while also sending a clear message to perpetrators of sex crimes that we won’t tolerate this kind of behaviour.” 

The Every Report Builds a Picture campaign highlights just how multiple reports from different people can help BTP ‘build a picture’ of offenders and can lead to their arrest and prosecution.

A key example of this in practice are Katie and Kaylin, from London, who were both victims of the same offender who sexually assaulted them both within the space of a week on the London Underground.
Both reported what happened and thanks to their support in the investigation, British Transport Police were able to prosecute and bring the offender before the courts.

Kaylin said: “It takes strength to speak out and report it but it’s worth it. It’s so important that these people are brought to justice. British Transport Police were wonderful – they didn’t underestimate the severity of what had happened - they understood.  I reported it because it felt like the right thing to do, but if I’m honest I didn’t expect anything to come of it.”

Katie said:  “It gave me a sense of closure to see my offender in court and allowed me to close that book. Talking about it now will hopefully mean that someone else in the same position will report it and support the investigation. BTP were behind me 100 per cent. They were amazing. I couldn’t have asked for better support throughout this whole ordeal.”

DCS Paul Furnell, added: “We really applaud Katie and Kaylin for talking about what happened to them and encouraging other victims to come forward. It is this bravery that supported our investigation and allowed us to bring their offender to justice. 
“We want to highlight the support that we provide to victims of unwanted sexual behaviour throughout the subsequent investigation to bring the offender to justice.
“Once a report has been made we will assign an officer to support you through the process from beginning to end just like we did with Katie and Kaylin.  We use your report to make sure our officers are in the right place at the right time to catch the offender and to help prevent it happening to someone else.
“This is one of a number of tactics we use to combat sexual offences – with your report we can establish patterns of offences and utilise plain clothes and uniformed police officers. By collating sexual offences on the railway we can use these to piece together the identity of the offender and bring them to justice.”

British Transport Police is urging the public to report any incident of unwanted sexual behaviour. No incident or detail is too small or trivial – anything  that makes you feel uncomfortable should be reported. What has happened is not your fault and BTP will always take you seriously and treat you with respect. 

Reports of any unwanted sexual behaviour should be made as soon as possible by texting 61016, or calling 0800 40 50 40. In an emergency always call 999.


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Katie and Kaylin

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Kaylin's story

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