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BTP heroes reunite with the man they saved when he suffered a cardiac arrest – London


Left to right, PC Hamilton, PC Chatfield, patient and PC Robert Wright

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Four BTP officers who performed life-saving CPR on a man suffering a catastrophic cardiac arrest, this week met the man whose life they saved. 

PC James Chatfield, PC Joseph Withington, PC Chris Hamilton and PC Robert Wright were on duty at St threPancras station on 14 June when they heard over the radio that a man had collapsed. 

The four officers, who are each trained as specialist police medics by London Ambulance Service, rushed to the station concourse where the patient was laying unconscious. The team hurried into action, providing immediate first aid and CPR, involving chest compressions, ventilation and oxygen mask therapy. 

PC James Chatfield, said: “When we arrived, we knew the situation looked bleak. The patient’s heart had stopped and he showed no sign of life, but we weren’t going to let this stop us. Our training kicked in and we started CPR. 

“All four of us took it in turns performing chest compressions and we shocked the patient using a station defibrillator staff had rushed over. I was convinced that the patient had a slim chance of survival, but that didn’t prevent us trying our hardest to save him.” 

Further medics from the London Ambulance Service and London’s Air Ambulance were also quickly on scene, who provided further specialist care. The team also cleared a landing site for the Air Ambulance at nearby Granary Square, and drove the helicopter medics to the patient, saving vitally precious moments. 

The patient, who is fifty and has four children, was rushed to hospital where he later made a full recovery. 

The four officers met the patient earlier this week at the Royal London Hospital, alongside crews from the Air Ambulance and the London Ambulance Service. 

The teams Inspector, Stuart Downs, said: “I cannot praise the work of these four officers enough, they each acted in the finest traditions of the police service in saving a life. When faced with a life threatening medical emergency, they wasted no time in providing CPR to the patient putting their training into action, and utilising the “Chain of Survival” to provide the best chance of survival. It was fantastic to see them all reunited this week – well done!” 

PC Chatfield, added: “As officers, we’re trained in performing CPR, but you never expect to be doing it on a busy station concourse. What all four of us did at St Pancras just demonstrates the value in first-aid training. It was an absolute pleasure to meet the patient this week, I am so pleased he is doing so well and we’ll definitely keep in touch.”

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