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Serving BTP officer dismissed without notice - Stockport

A serving British Transport Police (BTP) officer has been dismissed without notice from the Force after a misconduct hearing found he breached the standards of professional behaviour. 

PC Matthew Turner, based at Stockport, attended the five day hearing on the 8 October at Toft Green in York. 

The panel found that PC Turner had breached the standards of professional behaviour, namely, use of force, authority, respect and courtesy, discreditable conduct and honesty and integrity. 

On 11 November last year, PC Turner used excessive force when attempting to detain a boy at Southport station. The panel heard evidence that PC Turner had no reasonable grounds to detain the boy and that the use of force was disproportionate. 

The panel also heard evidence that at a later date, PC Turner made threats towards the boy when he attempted to complain about his conduct. Likewise, PC Turner falsified his account in an attempt to dishonestly charge the boy for an offence he did not commit. 

The allegations amounted to gross misconduct and the officer was dismissed without notice.
Head of Professional Standards, Detective Superintendent Gill Murray, said: “As officers, we are expected to uphold the law, it is deeply troubling that any officer would attempt to falsify their account of an incident they were investigating and wrongly accuse someone of a crime. 

“Officers are required to use proportionate and reasonable levels of force when detaining an individual, and PC Turner’s actions were plainly unacceptable. Likewise, the subsequent threats made against the boy undermine the confidence the public have in our officers."

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