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BTP officers decorated by the Queen for their bravery during London Bridge attack

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London Bridge medals

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Two British Transport Police officers have been awarded medals by the Queen for their heroic actions during last year’s London Bridge terrorist attack today (11/10).

PC Leon McLeod was awarded the Queen’s Gallantry Medal, and PC Wayne Marques received the George Medal.

On 3 June 2017, three terrorists carried out an attack on members of the public at London Bridge, resulting in eight people being killed.

PC Wayne Marques was seriously injured as he ran towards the attackers and confronted them, armed only with his baton.

His colleague, PC Leon McLeod, was with PC Marques that night. He ran after the attackers and gave vital first aid to injured people, helping to carry people to safety despite the danger to himself.
PC Leon McLeod, said: “It means the world to me to stand in front of Her Majesty the Queen today to receive this unbelievable honour. I never thought I was being courageous, I was only trying my hardest to help those who were so critically injured. 
“I’ll never forget what I saw that night, but I will also not forget the bravery of every emergency responder. Today is a poignant moment in the shadow of brutal and shocking attack, where innocent people lost their lives.” 
PC Wayne Marques, said: “I am only able to stand here today thanks to the inspirational work of my therapists, family, colleagues and friends. During the early dark days, you were all there for me, helping me regain my strength and reach a position where I could return to work. 
“It is such a privilege to stand in Buckingham Palace today in front of Her Majesty the Queen and receive the George Medal, I never expected my policing career to come to this point.”
PC McLeod and PC Marques were honoured alongside PC Charlie Guenigault from the Metropolitan Police Service, who was also injured during the London Bridge terrorist attack. 

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