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Man guilty for attempting to murder two men on the London Underground

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Paul Crossley

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A 46-year-old man has today been convicted of two counts of attempted murder, after he pushed a 91-year-old man onto the train tracks at Marble Arch station and attempted to push another man onto the tracks at Tottenham Court Road station.

Paul Crossley, of Leyton High Road, East London, was found guilty of two counts of attempted murder by a jury at the Old Bailey today following a five day trial. 

On the afternoon of 27th April earlier this year, it was alleged Crossley twice attempted to push 23-year-old man onto the tracks at Tottenham Court Road station. 

CCTV footage shows the victim, managing to regain his balance with help from members of the public and avoid falling in front of the oncoming Central Line service. 

Crossley, then walks away from the scene, joining a westbound service where he left at Marble Arch station. As the 91-year-old victim walks along the platform at Marble Arch, Crossley ran up to him, shoving him forcibly onto the tracks. As he fell onto the tracks and into the pit, the victim sustained multiple fractures to his pelvis and a serious wound to his head which required twelve stitches.

One member of the public, then climbed down onto to the tracks to help pull the victim back on the platform, sustaining a burn to his hand in the process from the electrified track. 

Thanks to the work of passengers at the station, Crossley was detained and then later arrested by BTP officers at the scene, and told them later: ‘I didn’t get much sleep last night.’ 

In court, Crossley pleaded not guilty to both offences, however the jury saw through his story finding him guilty today. 

Crossley will be sentenced at a later date. 

Senior Investigating Officer Detective Inspector Darren Gough, said: ’This was a particularly shocking incident and the victims in this case were extremely lucky. We could have easily been dealing with a double murder investigation had it not been for the brave actions of the public who stepped in and restrained Mr Crossley, and assisted the victims. 

‘I would like to remind the public that this type of incident is very rare and millions of journeys are made across the Underground without incident.

“We thankfully police a CCTV rich environment and this evidence has proved invaluable in bringing Crossley to justice. I am pleased that the jury saw fit to find him guilty of two counts of attempted murder . 

Siwan Hayward, Director of Compliance, Policing and On-Street Services at Transport for London, said: “We welcome Crossley’s conviction for this truly shocking and dangerous attack. The safety of our customers is paramount and we have worked with the police to bring the perpetrator to justice. Such incidents are thankfully extremely rare and we always support the strongest possible action against anyone who endangers our customers.”
WATCH: The shocking moment Crossley was caught on CCTV on Tottenham Court Road and Marble Arch stations. 

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