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Violent sex offender jailed following appalling sexual assault on train - Surrey

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Peter Greenwood

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A violent man who forced a lone woman to perform a sex act on him has been jailed following a horrendous sexual assault on an early evening train. 

Peter Greenwood, aged 27 and of Lea Bridge Road, Leyton, appeared before Isleworth Crown Court on 7 September where he was handed the following sentence: 

11 years and five months imprisonment 
Placed on the sex offenders register for life 
A Sexual Harm Prevention Order 

On Thursday 31 May 2018 the victim, a woman in her thirties, was on board a train head heading towards Dorking station in Surrey between 6pm and 7pm. 

During the journey Greenwood was walking through the carriage in an anti-social manner and stood next to the victim. By this point, the train carriage was empty as a number of passengers had left the service at earlier stations. 

The victim then looked up and saw that Greenwood had exposed his penis and was touching himself inappropriately. He looked towards the victim and asked her to touch him, which she refused to do. 

Greenwood then moved closer to the victim, shouting at her and demanding she performed a sex act on him. When she continued to refuse, the defendant became increasingly more violent, he then grabbed her around the mouth with one hand and hit her several times with his other. 

Greenwood’s hand was covering the victim’s mouth and nose and she felt terrified, she was then forced to comply with his demands for short number of seconds. 

At Dorking station, the victim managed to break free of the defendant’s grasp where she ran to the exit. However, Greenwood continued to assault the victim, hitting and grabbing her and attempting to pull her back into the train. His teeth also made contact with her forehead causing a small cut. 

On the platform, the victim called for help and members of staff as well as members of the public came to her. Meanwhile, in an attempt to flee the scene, Greenwood ran onto the tracks to escape up an embankment. 

Police and paramedics were then called.

After the victim was safe on the platform, she discovered that her purse was missing. She realised that Greenwood had taken her purse during the altercation on board the train. During searches by police, her purse was found in a bush at Box Hill and Westhumble station. 

Following extensive police enquiries, and a public appeal for information, he was later arrested and charged with the following: 

1. Causing a female to engage in a sexual activity without consent (no penetration) 
2. Theft 
3. Actual bodily harm
4. Attempted robbery (offence on Metropolitan Police jurisdiction) 
5. Common assault (offence on Metropolitan Police jurisdiction)

At court, Greenwood admitted these charges. 

DC Martin Chapman from British Transport Police, said: “Greenwood subject his victim to an outrageous, disgusting and violent assault as she was travelling on an early evening train. His assault was motivated by his perverse sexual desires and he subjected her to a truly frightening assault. However, the victim fought back and because of this she was able to escape to safety, forcing Greenwood to flee.  

“Thankfully, due to the overwhelming evidence against Greenwood, he had no choice but to admit these charges at court. This meant that the victim was not forced to relive this ordeal during cross examination. Greenwood is a dangerous man, and it is right that the judge imposed an 11 year prison sentence. I also welcome the Sexual Harm Pretension Order which, once he is released, will prohibit him from using the rail network unless he notifies police.

“Fortunately crimes of this nature are rare on trains – however, when they do occur offenders can expect to be apprehended and dealt with swiftly, as it was in Greenwood’s case.” 

As part of Greenwood’s Sexual Harm Prevention Order, once released he is prohibited from entering any overground or underground station or travelling on any overground or underground railway, unless he has notified police of his travel plans no less than 24 hours in advance. He is also prohibited from sitting immediately next to or opposite any lone female unknown to him on any form of public transport in the UK. 

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Greenwood - station

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Greenwood - on train swinging

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Greenwood - on train

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