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BTP operation during the Notting Hill Carnival

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Over the last 48 hours, officers from British Transport Police have implemented a significant policing operation as part of the Notting Hill Carnival in London. 

Planning for this operation has been underway for many months, and BTP has worked closely with the Metropolitan Police Service, Transport for London and other partners to make this a safe and enjoyable event. 

As part of our work to safeguard the public from harm, senior officers from BTP authorised the use of Section 60 Stop and Search powers on trains and at stations within the Carnival footprint. 

These are additional powers which can be used by police when they believe there is a possibility of serious violence, or that a person is carrying a dangerous object or weapon. 

Plain clothed officers who are highly trained in behavioural detection were also on duty. Searches were carried out by these teams who found weapons as well as other prohibited articles including drugs. 

During the carnival, officers made the following number of arrests: 

Sunday 26 August: Ten

Monday 27 August (correct as of 10.30pm): Twelve 

Chief Superintendent John Conaghan from BTP, said: “This was a particularly busy period for our officers and I would like to thank them for their dedication and extremely hard work. Thanks to their diligence and proportionate use of Stop & Search powers, a number of individuals were arrested during the Carnival event. 

“Most notably, four knives were seized during those arrests as well as a corrosive substance, capable of causing serious harm. These dangerous and potentially lethal weapons were removed from the streets, undoubtedly making it safer for passengers and Carnival attendees. 

“Deploying additional Section 60 Stop & Search powers is a decision which is not taken lightly. However, it is necessary to prevent violence and reassure the travelling public that we have powers in place to help keep the travelling public safe. Our officers are highly trained in using these powers in a professional manner, I am confident their work has improved the safety during their year’s Carnival. An independent Stop and Search advisor also assisted in ensuring that officers were using these Stop and Search powers correctly. 

“Our operation at Notting Hill will continue into the night and I would encourage anyone with concerns to report them to a police officer. We’re there to keep the travelling public safe, so passengers can expect to see our officers throughout their journey home. Text us on 61016 if you need us at all on your journey.”

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