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39 year old man sentenced for two counts of Common assault

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Court Result

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A man who punched and verbally abused members of staff at Southend Central Train Station has been handed a £425 fine and 10 week imprisonment.


David Sellars, aged 39 and of Old Norwich Road, Ipswich appeared at Ipswich Magistrates Court on 13 August where he was sentenced after pleading guilty. 


On the 18 April Sellars arrived at Southend Railway station and in his drunken state he attempted to tail gate through the barrier line.


Members of gate line staff witnessed this and directed Sellars to the ticket window to purchase a ticket.  Sellars became instantly aggressive.


After verbally abusing the member of staff in the ticket office, Sellars then spat over the window and into the coin tray.


Sellars threw numerous punches, causing a cut, bruising and bleeding to the member of staff’s left eye.  The victim’s colleague came to assist, however Sellars attempted to punch him, luckily missing.


Once Sellars knew the police had been called he left the station.  A member of staff took the initiative to take swabs of the saliva left by the suspect.  These swabs were provided to the police and forensically examined.


The officers involved in the case managed to identify Sellars after a DNA match of his saliva.


Following enquiries Sellars was located and arrested in August 2018, he was later charged with two counts of common assault.


Investigating officer, PC Hooper, said: “This is a great result for what was a completely unprovoked and disgusting assault on a member of rail staff who was just doing his job. Any result whereby the perpetrator of a violent crime is given a custodial sentence always brings relief to the victims and I welcome the court’s decision to send this violent man to prison.


“I would also like to thank the quick thinking and professionalism of both victims who ensured that the saliva left by the suspect was swabbed, undoubtedly this crucial piece of evidence helped us in tracking down Sellars and bringing him to justice”.

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