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Jail for Middlesbrough woman who bit officers at York Station

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Court Result

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A woman who bit and spat at officers who arrested her for being drunk and disorderly at York station has been jailed for 4 months.
Natalie Petrie, aged 31, from Farnham Walk in Middlesbrough, was sentenced at York Magistrates’ Court on Wednesday, 18 July, after pleading guilty to being drunk and disorderly and four counts of assault against police officers. 
On Thursday, 24 May, officers had been called to meet a train travelling from Liverpool to Newcastle at York Station following concerns for the welfare of a passenger on board, who was reported to be heavily intoxicated.
When officers boarded the train and spoke to the woman, she became very abusive. As they helped her off the service, advising her to sober up before continuing her journey to Middlesbrough, she became offensive and aggressive towards officers, shouting and swearing at them.
Despite numerous warnings, Petrie continued to be aggressive and shout verbal abuse, and was arrested for being drunk and disorderly.
As officers tried to get her into a police van she began lashing out, kicking and spitting at them.  She also bit two officers on the arms and legs.
Investigating Officer PC Nick Storey, said: “Petrie’s behaviour was violent, unpleasant and aggressive towards officers who were initially trying to help her. Luckily the officers only received minor cuts and scrapes despite being kicked, hit and bitten by her. 
“She also spat in the face of two officers; this is a really disgusting form of assault which is not only revolting but also known to spread infection.
 “Petrie initially failed to appear at court for sentencing but handed herself in a week later."

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