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County Lines operation runs to tackle drug trafficking – Cambridge



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Officers from BTP yesterday (24/07) coordinated an operation to stop people using the railway to deliver drugs out of London. 

The operation, led by BTP and supported by Cambridgeshire Police, ran at Cambridge station as well as stations and trains along the main line to London. 

It included the use of specialist search dogs trained at identifying and detecting drugs being smuggled by passengers. 

During the deployment, two people were arrested on suspicion of possession with intent to supply a controlled drug. Another person was also arrested on suspicion of possession of an offensive weapon. 
Three other people were also reported for fare evasion. 

Sergeant Stephen Bartlett from BTP, said: “Our aim yesterday was to disrupt those who intend on using trains out of Cambridge to transport drugs to other towns and cities.

“We know this ‘county lines’ activity is taking place and it’s something we’re going to stop.”

The operation included uniformed and plain clothes officers, as well as police dogs, and used live intelligence to ensure officers were in the right place at the right time.

Any young people suspected of being exploited by a gang to carry drugs or cash are safeguarded by officers, who ensure they get the help they need.

Sergeant Bartlett added: “The aim of today was to detect, deter and disrupt county lines activity, reduce crime and ensure that all the forces are working together for a common aim.

“I’m happy to report this proved successful and is something we’ll be doing again in future weeks and months.”

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