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Man jailed after chillingly warning witnesses to “watch your back”


Thomas Lyndon

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A man who tracked down two witnesses and threatened them before an upcoming trial has been jailed for a year.
Having found names and phone numbers for two people due to attend court in connection with a friend’s trial, Lyndon Thomas then made two chilling calls on 19 December 2017, where he told them: “Watch your back – we’ll be seeing you soon.”
During the first call, made at 11.29pm and lasting 2 minutes 33 seconds, he warned the victim to watch his back, before adding: “I know where you live.”
Around 20 minutes later, in a call lasting 1 minute 18 seconds, Thomas threatened a second man, telling him: “You don’t know who I am but I know who you are. You’re a grass and you don’t know what’s around the corner. We are not the type of people you want to mess with.”
He signed off the call with a chilling warning: “I know where you live. Watch your back – we’ll be seeing you.”
Both men contacted the police and 37-year-old Thomas was arrested. As part of the investigation that followed, British Transport Police (BTP) officers examined Thomas’ phone and found a text message from his ex-partner, sent the day after the threatening phone calls, saying: “Hope you haven’t made it worse by ringing them” to which he replied: “No.”
Appearing at Swansea Crown Court on Wednesday 4 July, Thomas - of Carmarthen Road, Swansea - pleaded guilty to two counts of intimidation of witnesses and was sentenced to 12 months’ imprisonment. 
His friend was acquitted of his assault charge during a separate hearing. 
Detective Inspector Jaci Thomas, of British Transport Police, said: “After his friend was charged with assault, Thomas took it upon himself to track down information relating to two of the witnesses and discovered their phone details. He then set about contacting them both with the intention of intimidating them, and made threats towards each witness.
“He initially claimed he had no knowledge of the calls due to the fact he was extremely intoxicated throughout the Christmas period. However, the hard work of my officers and the undeniable amount of evidence secured left him with little option but to plead guilty. 
“Courts will always seek to protect witnesses, and this sentence is testament to that fact. I hope it sends a very clear message that no stone will be left unturned in the investigation of such behaviour and that custodial sentences can, and will, be handed down.”

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