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“I just knew he needed help” Huddersfield man who jumped onto rail tracks to save stranger commended

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Luke Peacock

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Those are the words of hero Luke Peacock who risked his life to jump onto train tracks to save a suicidal man.

25-year-old Luke, from Golcar in Huddersfield, was returning from a shopping trip in the early afternoon of 26 June when he noticed a car parked near to the railway line.
Knowing the road and the area, Luke instinctively knew something wasn’t right. When he pulled over and jumped out of his car he saw that a man who looked extremely distressed,  had climbed over a high fence and was standing on the edge of a 15 foot drop next to the tracks.
After speaking to the man Luke’s concerns were confirmed, the man had recently lost a close friend and was in crisis.
Intent on injuring himself the man attempted to jump from the bank. As he did so, fast acting Luke managed to grab his arm through the fence. But the man escaped his grip and dropped down and began crawling onto the tracks.
After alerting the emergency services Luke, who was wearing shorts and slider shoes at the time, climbed up over the high fence. Without regard for his own safety, Luke immediately jumped down onto the tracks and grabbed hold of the man.
Looking back Luke says he doesn’t know how he managed it but he lifted the man off the tracks and back over the fence. 
“I have no idea to this day where I managed to get the strength from but I knew he needed help and I had to save him. He was a big guy and the fence was high but I was determined to get him to safety. A train had sped past us on the opposite track and I was worried another one may come and hit us. It all happened so fast. 
“The police soon arrived on the scene and couldn’t praise my actions enough… I had only popped out to the shops. I had a well-earned beer when I arrived home that night ! ”

Chief Superintendent Allan Gregory said, “Luke is a superstar. With no regard for his own safety he jumped into action to help a complete stranger. It is without doubt that his actions were instrumental in saving the man’s life. Well done and thank you Luke.”

Luke was commended at a BTP divisional award ceremony in Leeds today (02/07).
The annual awards seek to recognise members of the public, rail staff and police officers who have committed heroic acts or have gone above and beyond.

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