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Drunk man sentenced for driving into parked cars – Weybridge, Surrey

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Court Result

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A drunken man who recklessly collided with four parked cars at Weybridge station has now been sentenced for driving over the prescribed limit.

Richard Knight, aged 53, of Parnell Gardens, Weybridge Surrey, pleaded guilty to the offence at Stains Magistrates’ court on 20 March.

On 16 February this year, BTP officers were called to Weybridge Railway station to reports that a car had collided with four other vehicles at the entrance to the station.

The driver of the car, Knight, was discovered in his black Ford Focus and admitted to having drunk one glass of wine. He was subsequently breathalysed and blew 120micrograms of breath, the legal limit being just 35 micrograms.

Knight was taken into custody for further tests and later charged for driving with excess alcohol.

At court, Knight was handed a 14 month community order and is disqualified from driving for 26 months. He was also ordered to undertake 80 hours of unpaid work. Likewise he was ordered to pay £85 costs and a victim surcharge of £85.

PC: Joel Freeman- White said:

“When Knight decided to drive after drinking that evening he put his own and others’ lives at risk. He caused damage to a number of cars including a taxi meaning that the driver’s earnings were hampered.

“Drink driving is dangerous and Knight was lucky that on this occasion no-one was hurt. I hope this sentence discourages others from taking the risk”

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