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Football hooligan who abused woman is banned - London

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Court Result

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A football hooligan who verbally abused a woman on a train for more than an hour, leaving her paralysed with fear, has been fined and given a three year Football Banning Order.

Alasdair MacTavish, aged 41, of Fulwell Road, Teddington, was convicted at Westminster Magistrates’ Court on Monday (19 February) of a Section 4A Public Order offence.

On 3 February this year, MacTavish, an AFC Wimbledon supporter, was travelling back from an AFC Wimbledon vs Rotherham Utd game.

He started verbally abusing people on the platform at Doncaster and this continued on board the train to London King’s Cross.

He was abusive to the entire train carriage and made sexual comments towards women.

A passenger on the train asked him to stop making sexual comments and to stick to football banter, and said she was a mother and a Chelsea supporter.

MacTavish then turned on her, and began verbally abusing her, making sexual comments and threatening her, for over an hour.

A passenger on board the train texted British Transport Police and the train was met by officers at London King’s Cross. MacTavish was arrested and charged.

Investigating officer, PC Rob Wortham, said: “The constant abuse towards the woman lasted for over an hour, which left the victim paralysed in fear to move from her seat, from the torrid abuse that was yelled at her.

“This case should act as a strong message to football supporters who choose to act in an anti-social manner and cause members of the public harassment, alarm and distress, that BTP officers will act diligently to prosecute and apply football banning orders where applicable.

“Any anti-social behaviour or harassment on the railway will not be tolerated, but in this case the abuse was directly related to MacTavish being an AFC Wimbledon supporter, travelling back from a football match and abusing the victim because she was a Chelsea fan.”

At a court appearance on 19 February MacTavish was fined £570, ordered to undertake 80 hours of community service and attend a 10 day sexual and alcohol rehabilitation course.

British Transport Police also applied for a Football Banning Order against MacTavish, which was successful.



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