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Man sentenced for trespass - Surrey

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A man has been sentenced for causing more than £14,000 worth of disruption on train lines in Surrey.

Craig Wright, aged 36, of The Vale in Feltham, was dangling his feet over the edge of the platform at Ashford station in Surrey on 27 May. He then jumped onto the tracks.

His actions caused the train to apply its emergency brakes and subsequent delays cost Network Rail more than £14,000.

Wright was drunk at the time of the offence. He pleaded guilty to the offence of obstructing the railway at Staines Magistrates’ Court on Tuesday 13 February and was sentenced to a community order and to pay £250 in court costs.

Investigating officer Julian Mason said: “Wright was in an intoxicated state at the time of the offence and is lucky he wasn’t struck by a train.

“The sentence should be a warning to all who wish to disrupt and trespass on the railway.”

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