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BTP officer honoured posthumously - London

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PC Steven Williams

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A BTP officer has been honoured posthumously for his efforts to save the life of a man who was struck by a train.

PC Steven Williams received the Royal Humane Society Award at a BTP commendation ceremony on Monday (19 Feb).

PC Williams lost his life in tragic circumstances last year. His family was at the ceremony and his sister accepted the award on his behalf.

He was recognised alongside his colleague PC James Chatfield, who he was on duty with at the time of the incident.

In 2016, PC James Chatfield and PC Steven Williams were called to Finsbury Park London underground station when a man was struck by an arriving train.

The man was thrown back onto the platform and sustained serious injuries.

PC Chatfield and PC Williams were first on the scene and began chest compressions and mouth to mouth resuscitation. The man began to breath unaided but stopped again. The ambulance service arrived and officers continued to provide assistance to the paramedics. Sadly, the man could not be saved and died from his injuries.

PC James Chatfield said: “This is a special award to be getting. I attended this incident with PC Williams, who sadly lost his own life in Brighton just over a year ago. The incident at Finsbury Park was a difficult situation. The horrific injuries the guy had sustained didn’t make first aid easy, but we did what we could in order to help prolong his life so that HEMS could carry out other procedures. This is my second award from the Royal Humane Society and I really do feel a sense of achievement knowing it’s been recognised. It also helps knowing that both of us couldn’t have done any more, and PC Williams was a great colleague to be working alongside in this incident.”

PC Chatfield was also honoured for his response to the London Bridge terrorist incident. He said: “It’s nice to be recognised for what was an incident I’ll never forget. I know of colleagues who should have been off duty after dealing with a critical incident but still went, I know of a colleague who had undergone surgery and was off sick but was devastated he wasn’t able to be there. He still stayed up and remained in contact all night offering support. My fiancée was operating the incident in the force control room and ended up doing a double shift. It was surreal hearing her knowing how stressful this would be, and for everyone else in the force control room. In my opinion I work with some of the best people in policing worldwide.”

PC Williams is greatly missed by his family, friends and colleagues.

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