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Man fined for charity fraud offence - London

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Court Result

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A man has been fined £840 for a charity fraud offence.

Nikolaos Dimdrelos, aged 52, of Leigh Road, London, pleaded guilty to one count of failing to give a solicitation statement as required by the Charity Act 1992.

He collected donations for charity but did not inform the public that he was an employee of the charity and would be taking some of the money as profit.

He was sentenced at City of London Magistrates’ Court on 5 February.

Dimdrelos was arrested as part of Operation Sovereign, a BTP operation that targets fraudulent charity collecting on the railway network.

He was arrested on 19 December at Waterloo East Station.

Insp Michael Tanner, the officer leading Operation Sovereign, said:

“Dimdrelos collected donations from the travelling public and intended to take 40% of the takings as an employee of the charity.

“His behaviour although not fraudulent, was not open and transparent with the public and contravened charity law. This offence was taken seriously by the Magistrates resulting in a substantial fine.”

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