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Grandmother and granddaughter subjected to abuse on train – Lincolnshire



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A grandmother and her teenage granddaughter were subjected to lewd sexual comments on board a train last weekend – and we’d like to find those responsible.

The 60-year-old and her 15-year-old granddaughter were on a late running train from Lincoln to Nottingham on Saturday, which was filled with football fans from Grimsby Town.

While the train was waiting to depart at around 11am, the two were sitting in a carriage and were subjected to lewd sexual comments, unwanted touching, photos being taken of them and had beer cans thrown at them when they didn’t respond.

The fans were so drunk and overbearing that the guard refused to travel, as passengers were banging on the ceiling and windows, rocking the train and chanting. The behaviour left the victims frightened to travel again and be in crowded environments.

Were you on the train and did you see what happened? Do you know those responsible?

Please let us know by calling 0800 40 50 40 or texting 61016, with reference 531 of 16 December.

We will not tolerate this kind of behaviour – no matter who you are – and we will do everything to locate those responsible.

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