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Man sentenced to prison after assaulting officer – West Midlands

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Nabil Barbhuiya

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A 20-year-old man has been sentenced to nine months’ imprisonment after he fought an officer who was trying to arrest him for possession of a knife.

Nabil Barbhuiya, of Mafeking Road in Smethwick, was searched by police officers at The Hawthorns railway station in the early hours of 20 October 2016.

When approached by the police, he started to back away and dropped a knife from his back pocket to the floor. It was an eight inch blade, with a knuckle duster handle.

One of the officers started to arrest him but Barbhuiya resisted. In the ensuing struggle, both of them fell down two flights of stairs. The officer involved in the arrest had to take time off work to recover from his injuries.

Initially pleading not guilty, Barbhuiya later pleaded guilty to one count of having a blade or sharply pointed article in a public place and one count of obstructing or resisting a constable in the execution of their duty.

He was sentenced at Wolverhampton Crown Court on 28 November to nine months for the possession of the knife and three months for the resisting of the constable, to run concurrently. He was also ordered to pay a £140 surcharge.

Investigating officer PC Nicola Mallaber said: “Knife crime will absolutely not be tolerated on our patch and this shows that even if you think you’ve got away, we will find you.

“Luckily the officer in this case has made a full recovery but the consequences of Barbhuiya’s actions could have been a lot worse.”

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