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Say hello to Special Constable Dave Madden

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TPE Special Dave Madden

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Dave is a driver for TransPennine Express (TPE) but has also recently fulfilled his childhood dream to become a police officer.

“When I was a little boy, I wanted to be one of three things: a train driver, a policeman, or a pilot. As a train driver now, I jumped at the chance to incorporate two out of three of my boyhood dreams by training to become a Special Constable too. 

“I’ve been a train driver for the past 10 years, and spent the last five years based in York with TPE. I love what I do, but also enjoy the chance to get my teeth into something new. 

“As a dad to two year old twins, I feel like becoming a Special Constable gives me the chance to impact positively on our community, to make a difference.

“Being out and about on the network appeals to me because I get the opportunity to chat to a lot of people – I don’t get that chance in my cab! We have to volunteer at least 16 hours a month, eight hours of which falls into my work time, thanks to TPE’s sponsorship.” 

We have over 300 Special Constables across the force from all walks of life. If you’d like to find out more on how you could join us to make a difference 


TPE Dave Madden

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