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Man jailed for attempting to supply MAMBA

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Court Result

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A man has been jailed for four and half months for attempting to supply the lethal synthetic Cannabis, MAMBA. Lee Ward, 29, of no fixed address, pleaded guilty to the possession of over 50 grams of the illegal substance. 

Ward was arrested on 5 July 2017 after BTP officers were alerted by rail staff at Derby Station of man needing medical attention. As officers approached him, Ward ran towards London Road and hid, while doing so he also tried to hide the drugs he was carrying.

Ward was caught and then searched. Officers found two items similar in size and shape as shotgun shells, the items appeared to be green vegetable matter tightly wrapped in cling film. Due to Ward’s condition he was first taken  to Derby Royal Hospital, under police escort and then into custody shortly after. 

Wards was sentenced on 15 November 2017 at  Derby Magistrates’ Court. 

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