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King's Cross Fire - 30th Anniversary

This Saturday marks 30 years since the devastating fire at King’s Cross underground station in London.

For British Transport Police officers and staff, past and present, the anniversary is an opportunity to reflect on the tragedy and to remember all those who lost their lives in the fire.

It’s also a chance to honour the emergency service workers who responded to the terrible incident, including London Fire Brigade Station Officer Colin Townsley who died in the fire; their actions undoubtedly saved the lives of many.

BTP Chief Constable Paul Crowther said:  “Thirty years after the dreadful fire at King’s Cross underground station, it is important that we continue to take the time to reflect on the bravery of the emergency service workers and members of the public who valiantly battled to save so many lives that night.

“Among those who tragically lost their lives was the heroic LFB Station Officer Colin Townsley, who died whilst trying to help an injured passenger to safety.

“I was a BTP sergeant on duty the night of the fire and saw for myself the scene of utter devastation. I will never forget the sights, the sound and the smell of the terrible event. I know the impact of the night is still felt physically and psychologically by many people, even 30 years on, and it’s so important that we take the time to acknowledge this, and to remember.

“It’s a difficult day for everyone whose loved ones died or were injured in the fire, and for all the people still living with the physical and mental scars. I am proud to be part of the commemoration and to pay my respects on behalf of BTP, to everyone who was affected by this tragedy.”


We will be sharing information about the King’s Cross Fire over the weekend, to honour the memories of the victims, commend the courage of the emergency services, and help to inform anyone who has an interest in learning about the tragedy and its impact on the railway industry and policing. 

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