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Station taxi thief who led police on 100mph chase jailed – York

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Luke Kilminster

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A man, who stole a taxi from outside York railway station then drove it 100mph down a busy major road before crashing, has been jailed for two years.
Luke Kilminster, 31, stole the Mondeo taxi from outside the station whilst the driver was loading cases in to the boot, and then sped off through the city centre. He was pursued by a traffic officer after he was seen driving dangerously at over 100mph on the A64.
He collided into the back of a BMW car with a man and his 11 year old son inside, causing it to spin 360 degrees and veer across two lanes before coming to a stop on an embankment. 
Kilminster jumped out of the vehicle and ran off into a nearby field. He was chased by officers who found him hiding in a sheep trough.
He was detained, and after complaining of feeling unwell he was taken to York Hospital where he was admitted overnight. Deciding he felt a lot better the following day, he used his hospital drip stand to smash a window in the ward he was being treated in and jumped out, fleeing into hospital grounds. He was discovered 10 minutes later hiding under a car in the car park.
Kiliminster pleaded guilty to aggravated vehicle taking, using a vehicle without insurance, driving otherwise in accordance with licence, criminal damage and escaping from lawful custody
He described the incident, which took place at around 3pm on Wednesday, 27 September this year, as a ‘moment of madness’.
He was sentenced to two years behind bars at York Crown Court on Monday and was banned from driving for four years.
DC Phil Hare, the investigating officer, said, “ Kilminster was passing through the station after appearing in court in relation to a previous offence, when he saw the taxi door open, the keys in the ignition and took his opportunity to steal the vehicle. He then sped off through the city centre and onto the A64 with the boot still open and a passenger’s case inside.
“It was extremely fortunate that no-one was seriously injured or even killed as a result of his perilous and dangerous driving.
“Attempting to evade capture, then escaping custody by smashing his way out of hospital shows that Kilminster took no responsibility for his actions and he is now where he belongs, behind bars.”

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Court Result

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