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Magpies fan fined after drunken incident on a train

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Court Result

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A Magpies fan has been ordered to pay £406 after being drunk and disorderly on board a train at York.
Michael Hall, 21 of Hendon Road in Gateshead, was convicted after verbally abusing police officers and resisting arrest.
On Sunday 20 August this year, Hall was travelling on a train between Huddersfield and Newcastle at around 9pm with a group of other football fans following a match.
An off duty BTP officer was on the train and witnessed Hall and other members of the group acting in an anti-social manner, swearing and chanting abusive songs.
He contacted collages who met the train at York and attempted to remove Hall and others from the service due to their behaviour.
Hall became abusive and began to swear at officers, whilst refusing to leave the train. When officers explained that he wasn’t being allowed to travel due to his drunken behaviour, he continued to swear and abuse them, and struggled with officers who removed him from the train.
He continued to be aggressive and abusive on the platform and when he resisted being removed from the station he was arrested for being drunk and disorderly.
Hall attended York Magistrates’ Court on 11 September and pleaded guilty to being drunk and disorderly.
He was fined £291 and ordered to pay £110 in costs and compensation.
Inspector Richard Price said, “Hall’s behaviour was extremely intimidating for the other passengers on board. Trains and stations are not extensions of football terraces and fans cannot expect to travel on trains in drink singing and shouting offensive songs and behaving in an anti-social manner without us taking action.”

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