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BTP in new TV show - London Paddington

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Paddington station

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We are excited to announce that we feature in Paddington Station, a new documentary series which starts on Monday.

The documentary takes viewers behind the scenes of one of Britain’s most iconic railway stations, London Paddington.

It follows a successful first series, Inside the Railways: King’s Cross.

Find out how our officers work with our partners including Network Rail to keep the railway running smoothly and ensure everyone gets to their destination safely.

In the first episode, BTP officers are on hand to welcome 20,000 football fans descending on the western network for the Champions League Final in Cardiff. Later that day, we respond to a major terrorist incident at London Bridge.

Don’t miss Paddington Station at 9pm on Monday on Channel 5 and let us know what you think about the show on our social media pages; BTP Facebook and @BTP Twitter. 

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