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Man jailed for attack on railway enthusiast that left him with broken jaw - London



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A man has been sentenced to seven years in prison for stealing a camera from a 69-year-old train spotter and breaking his jaw.

Terrence Hamston, aged 45, was convicted of robbery and assault and sentenced to seven years at Blackfriars Crown Court yesterday.

The victim, a railway enthusiast, was on the overbridge at St Johns Railway Station on 16 May this year, taking photographs of trains and the railway track.

At around 2pm Hamston walked past the victim on the overbridge and briefly engaged him in conversation before walking away. He then returned a few minutes later, walked back to the overbridge and approached the victim from behind.

He then repeatedly punched, kicked and kneed the pensioner in the head in a completely unprovoked attack, before pulling the camera from his hands and running away.

A member of the public came to the aid of the victim and BTP were called.

The victim sustained a broken jaw which he had to have titanium pins put in along with wiring on his teeth and his £2000 camera was stolen.

BTP officers launched an investigation and within two days had identified and arrested Hamston.

Forensics work found the victim’s blood on Hamston’s trousers and shoe, and when the stolen camera was later tracked down, this was found to have Hamston’s fingerprints on it.

Hamston was yesterday sentenced to seven years in prison for robbery and 32 months’ imprisonment for GBH, to run concurrently.

Det Insp Simon Collins said: “The sentencing of Hamston for this nasty robbery against an innocent 69-year-old man is the result of some fantastic work by BTP local officers. Hamston is a dangerous and violent man and I am pleased that he is now behind bars.”

Investigating officer, Det Con Neil Lane said: “With only some grainy CCTV footage to go on, we managed to identify a suspect and locate and arrest him within two days. We then gathered further evidence to secure a conviction which included forensics work by our SOCO team showing traces of the victim’s blood on Hamston’s trousers and shoe.

“We also recovered the victim’s expensive camera which had been sold by the offender.

“The victim sustained serious injuries including a broken jaw with multiple fractures and the incident had a profound effect on him and his family. I hope that today’s sentence will give them some sense of justice and enable them to start moving on from this ordeal."

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St John CCTV injuries

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St Johns injuries

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Victim's xrays before and after operation

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