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Man threatened and spat at rail staff before barging into couple’s bedroom with bag of drugs

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Christopher Fletcher

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A couple enjoying a New Year’s Day lie-in were given a rude awakening when a “crazy and unpredictable” intruder barged into their bedroom carrying a bag of drugs.
Moments before, Christopher Fletcher had run away from a police officer at nearby Newport railway station after he had threatened, verbally abused and spat at a member of rail staff. 
Fletcher – who, at the time of the offences, was wanted for a recall to prison having breached his licensing conditions – is now back behind bars after being handed a nine-month prison term at Newport Crown Court, which he will serve on top of an existing sentence.
The shocking scene played out just after 1.15pm on Sunday, 1 January, the court heard. Following the aggressive exchange with a revenue protection officer at Newport station, 38-year-old Fletcher walked onto a bridge where he was stopped by a police officer. 
Having provided a false name when asked for his details, he suddenly leapt onto the edge of the bridge and shouted to the officer to move away. Fearing he may be about to jump, the officer backed away but, as he did so, Fletcher ran off down the steps towards the platform before vaulting over a fence towards Devon Place, where he went into the couple’s ground floor flat clutching a bag of white powder. Analysis of the substance later confirmed it was a mixture of amphetamine and caffeine. 
Fearing for their safety, the man grabbed Fletcher to keep him away from his girlfriend but he fought back, so he held him in an arm lock on the bedroom floor while police were called. 
Appearing at Newport Crown Court on 3 July via video link from prison, Fletcher – of Stopgate Lane, Liverpool, but currently serving a prison sentence at HMP Liverpool - pleaded guilty to possession with intent to supply amphetamine, a public order offence and obstructing a police officer, and was sentenced to nine months’ imprisonment. 
Detective Constable Dan Murdoch of British Transport Police said: “Fletcher’s behaviour towards the revenue protection officer was, quite frankly, disgusting. The level of abuse directed towards him was vile, while spitting simply has no place in our society. A number of passengers who witnessed the incident were visibly shocked by what had happened. 
“To follow this up by firstly providing false details to, and then running away from, an officer before barging into an innocent couple’s bedroom demonstrates the recklessness of his behaviour. The man in the flat described Fletcher as crazy and unpredictable, so it’s not hard to imagine how frightening this must have been for them. 
“Thankfully none of the victims sustained any physical injuries; however, that does not detract from the fact this was an extremely unpleasant and intimidating experience.
“Nobody should feel intimidated or unsafe while they go about their daily lives and we will do everything we can to ensure that people can travel and work on the rail network without fear of intimidation.”

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