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Officers who responded to Plymouth train crash commended

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Plymouth crash

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48 casualties. Two damaged trains. 70 passengers to evacuate.

That’s what officers in Plymouth faced on 3 April 2016 when a busy service from Penzance crashed into an empty train on platform six.

Two officers, including PC Mick Stupple, were on duty at the station that afternoon and on hearing a loud bang, rushed to the platform and quickly assessed the scene.

Alongside emergency service colleagues, the PCs helped administer first aid while focusing on preserving the scene for any subsequent investigation, cordoning off the area and recording details of who was there.

Meanwhile, Sergeant Paul Curtis – who was on leave at the time – cancelled his holiday and rushed to the station to provide the supervision needed to manage a critical incident, including ensuring sufficient resources were at the scene and checking on the welfare of all casualties.

All three officers have received commendations for their actions that day, with Sergeant Curtis and PC Stupple picking up their awards at a ceremony on Monday (19 June).

Superintendent Matt Allingham, policing commander for BTP in the South West, said: “These officers displayed exemplary levels of decision making under pressure, taking into account the welfare of those injured while considering any possible investigation.

“They provided a professional and competent service in a challenging situation, and it is only right they are commended for what they did.”

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PC Stupple and Ch Supt Allan Gregory

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Sgt Curtis with Ch Supt Allan Gregory

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