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Meeting British Transport Police’s newest recruit, Zena!



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Meet Zena, the newest addition to the British Transport Police (BTP) dog section. 

Zena is a German Shepherd puppy and, although only ten weeks old, is already quite the handful. This morning (9/6) Zena and PC Smith visited our Force Headquarters for playtime. 

Over the coming weeks, her expert dog handler PC Smith will start to introduce Zena into the exciting role of being a police dog. This will include walking her around busy environments and getting her accustomed to the noises and smells of busy public areas. 

Her training will be intensive, however there is always plenty of time for a run about with her best friend PD Lola. All going well, Zena will one day be part of the BTP Dog Section as a General Purpose dog. 

That means she will be out to catch baddies as well as sniffing out any potential trouble. 

Zena lives at home with PC Smith and PD Lola and gets on well with both, as well as PC Smith’s personal dog Sampson. 



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