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Officer dismissed for gross misconduct - London



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A serving British Transport Police officer has been dismissed without notice after a misconduct hearing today found him guilty of gross misconduct.

PC Kerry Reynolds – based in North London – had a case to answer in respect of the standards of professional behaviour under:

·         Use of Force

·         Authority

·         Respect and Courtesy

·         Honesty and Integrity

·         Duties and Responsibilities

·         Confidentiality

 The allegations are in connection with an incident at King’s Cross station on Thursday 18 February 2016.

Whilst making an arrest, PC Reynolds was found to have used excessive force and later used disrespectful and offensive language regarding the detained individual.

Furthermore, knowing full well that an independent investigation by the IPCC was active, PC Reynolds discussed key elements of the enquiry with witnesses and investigators. 

Deputy Chief Constable Adrian Hanstock, said: “The Panel has determined that the conduct of PC Reynolds was in breach of the standards which both we, and most importantly the public, expect of police officers.

“Every day, our officers and staff do extraordinary things to protect the most vulnerable and safeguard the public from harm, and understandably incidents such as this undermine all of that decent work and damage public trust. It is regrettable that PC Reynolds did not demonstrate the level of professional control and restraint in line with his training and our Code of Behaviour when dealing with this incident.

“This incident does not reflect the professionalism of BTP officers. Our officers are trained and advised on the need for the proportionate use of force, and PC Reynold’s unacceptable behaviour came to light because a colleague believed the use of force was excessive and informed a manager.

 “We continue to scrutinise our use of force, recording and auditing it in line with national guidance. We place great emphasis on the careful recruitment and intensive training of our officers to uphold our high standards and recognise the responsibilities associated with the privileged role they hold.”

Four allegations were made against PC Reynolds.

The panel found allegation one proven in that the force used by PC Reynolds was unnecessary, unreasonable and disproportionate and this amounted to gross misconduct.

The panel found part of allegation two, breach of authority, respect and courtesy, to be proven.

The panel found part of allegation three - breach of authority, respect and courtesy, to be proven, but found the breach of duties and responsibilities in relation to this allegation not proven. 

The panel found part of allegation four - breach of confidentiality, orders and instructions, to be proven.  

The panel found the breaches of standards of professional behaviour committed by PC Reynolds collectively amounted to gross misconduct and he was dismissed without notice.

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